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More often than not, we don’t bother heeding the underlying technology that auto glass shops utilize to repair the windshield, simply because we are so focused on the results. Lack of this knowledge may at times lead you right into the trap of dodgy shops that mostly fail to deliver on their promises. Make yourself well-versed with the pertinent technology and terms so that you can make an educated choice when the time comes.

Do you know that NOVUS was the inventor of windscreen repair in 1972? Over the years, NOVUS has undergone a myriad of changes to become what is today popularly referred to as the best auto repair technology in the world. Such is the trust level of NOVUS professionals in their working mechanism that they proudly offer a lifetime warranty on their repair work.

So what is so special about this NOVUS auto glass technology which has made it the method of choice among professional auto glass shops?

Working on the philosophy of “repair first and replacement when necessary”, NOVUS patented auto glass repair technology is one-of-its-kind and can help retain approximately 75% to 95% of original optical clarity. At the same time, it restores the original structural integrity to almost what it was before the damage, without the need to replace or remove the windscreen.

The three-step auto glass repair process is pretty simple and aims at making windshield repair a smooth and hassle-free experience for the motorists.

  1. Step-1: A thorough assessment of glass is conducted by professionals to determine the magnitude of the damage. They also explore various treatment options for the cracks and chips.
  2. Step-2: There is a significant difference between repair and replacement, which some auto shops purposefully forget to consider and rather stress upon unnecessary replacements. NOVUS professionals know how to categorize them in a clear and distinct manner while striving to utilize the right method depending on the requirements.
  3. Step-3: The final step is the actual repair work with an utmost focus on the quality, ensuring that the vehicle is safe and ready to be driven.

Integrating patented equipment and materials, NOVUS auto glass repair technology helps ensure that you get your car windshield fixed up quickly and at an unbeatable price.

Application of high-quality NOVUS auto glass repair products

NOVUS auto glass products such as plastic polish, repair resin, and glass cleaner are of supreme quality. In order to treat the minor chips or crackers, NOVUS professionals inject a clear glass resin and then cure and polish the glass well to bring it back to almost original appearance. In case the scratch can’t be fixed, they provide a variety of services to replace the windshield or other auto glass. Some other NOVUS auto glass services include wiper replacement, window tinting, mirror replacement and headlight restoration.

The first choice among reputable auto shops in Mississauga!

Thanks to the tremendous benefits of NOVUS auto glass repair technology, many auto glass shops have proudly adopted it. It prolongs the life of the windshield, apart from imparting it a new look. A windshield is an essential piece of glass in your vehicle that contributes to safety and visibility while driving. And those minor scratches or flaws on the glass can affect your sight adversely. There are various DIY repair kits available that should be used only when you’re familiar with the correct way to use the products. If you don’t know how to repair those chips properly, you could potentially end up scratching them, even more, when you try to polish the treatment area.

So the next time you happen to drive to the local auto glass shop for windshield repair or other concerns, make sure to ask your technician about NOVUS auto repair. As mentioned earlier, it’s the most advanced repair technology currently in the market, and your car deserves the best. You might want to reconsider in case the auto agency doesn’t deploy the NOVUS glass repair.

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