How to Keep Windshield Replacement Cost Minimal

Your windshield is your view of the road ahead of you. If it’s in good condition, your drive will be a good experience. Overtime you might have to get your windshield replaced. You might have a chip or crack in it, which might lead to further damage. Or it just might be getting old and worn in. People assume it will be costly, but, luckily, this is untrue. There are more affordable options available. Mississauga Auto Glass Repair and Replacement offers great service at a reasonable price. If you’re worried about the cost or looking for a good deal, read these tips to make sure you are getting the best service.

Repair Over Replacement

If your windshield only has a small crack or chip than you may be in luck. Small damage to the windshield can be easily and safely repaired, and for a fraction of the cost of replacing it. When you bring your car in or are making an appointment, consider asking if a repair is possible instead. But remember, only a service professional can answer this question for you. A replacement might be the safer option if the damage is too large.

Local vs Franchise

When looking for a service to replace your windshield, do some quick research and look for local companies. Larger franchise can be much more expensive than smaller local companies, and might not always do the best job. There is no guarantee that a technician from that larger company is more skilled than a technician that a smaller one.  So take your car to a local shop and save money on service and extra fees.


Always check your insurance plan and see if they help cover the cost of replacing your damaged windshield. This might not always be the case, but it won’t hurt you or your bank account to double check. Even if they only cover part of the replacement it is still saving you money.

If you want a windshield replacement at a fair price, call Mississauga Auto Glass Repair and Replacement today 905-864-6208 and book an appointment