This is how to get the best price to replace a car windshield in Mississauga!

inageReplacing a windshield is not a cheap service to begin with and involves matching your car make, model and year with the right windshield on occasion that also includes special features that are built in to it like sensors.

There are a few shops that you can call for a windshield replacement estimate,  some are franchised and part of a chain of shops and some are independent. Mostly the independent would be able to provide better prices because tgey don’t forward fees and provide same warranty.

Auto glass Mississauga offers a $177 windshield replacement with lifetime warranty for many popular car models or $40 to repair your car glass. Some rock chip repairs if small can be paid directly by the insurance so FREE to you, just ask the right questions.

Insurance deductibles may also be a factor, if you have to pay deductibles ask the shop if they will pay them for you?

Mobile auto glass service to your home is another opoption to consider just be aware that the shop whonsent the technician has a physical location and not some fly by night guy delivering a quick gig since windshields are part of the car safety and should be treated as such.

Check reviews to see what previous clients of that autoglass shop say about their own experiences with this auto glass shop and if that shop been around for some time or just opened.

Inspect the job site, is it well maintained, glass in stock, trained auto glass technicians?

Always ask questions, find out uf tge windshield can be repaired or needs to be replaced and what would be the cost.